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An Expert's Guide to Intake Optimization: Tip the Scales Podcast

An Expert's Guide to Intake Optimization: Tip the Scales Podcast

On this week’s episode on Tip the Scales Podcast, Maria Monroy chats with intake expert, Yani Smith, founder of Legal Intake Pros. They discuss how to optimize your intake, when a lawyer needs to get involved, setting up a call path, showing empathy, creating a lead funnel and so much more.

  •  Importance of law firm owners and lawyers holding themselves accountable for their team's ability to use systems effectively.
  • Discussion on the challenges and solutions for law firm intake processes, including setting up phone trees, gathering data, and utilizing software like Lead Docket.
  • The significance of empathy, friendliness, and proper training in improving intake processes.
  • Strategies for leveraging technology and software to streamline intake and tracking, including integrating call tracking systems with intake software.
  • The role of quality control in intake processes, including listening to calls, scoring them, and providing real-time feedback.
  • The necessity of entering every lead into the system for accurate tracking and analysis.
  • Tips for law firms on improving intake processes, such as developing a call path, understanding the importance of empathy, and the ability to close cases effectively.
  • The value of storytelling and personalizing the intake process to connect with potential clients.
  • The challenge of balancing the need for lawyer involvement in intake with empowering intake teams to handle processes efficiently.

Guest Yani Smith (@legalintakepros on Instagram) is the founder of Legal Intake Pros. She applies her intake optimization expertise to help law firms address core issues and gain clarity in intake conversions, adding intake solutions to the agency's services. Yani and her team collaborate exclusively with personal injury law firms committed to removing growth barriers. You can get in touch with Yani at

Host Maria Monroy (@marialawrank on Instagram) is the Co-founder and President of LawRank, a leading SEO company for law firms since 2013. She has a knack for breaking down complex topics to make them more easily accessible and started Tip the Scales to share her knowledge with listeners like you.

Podcast Mentions Software:

Lead Docket Book: Never Split The Difference

Person: Shawn Callaway